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Today I’m giving away free tickets.  Not that you can redeem them anywhere, but if you’re putting on an event at your church, these will definitely come in handy.  Giving away or selling tickets is especially helpful if you have limited space and are not sure what kind of crowd you will have.  They can also make a good (or bad) impression of your event.  So here’s a design I made last year and have used for all of our ticketed events.  They make a good impression.The psd file (see link below) has many layers for general admission, VIP and specific seats.  If you have photoshop, just download this, change out the text, switch the graphic at the top and/or background color, print onto 8.5X11 sheets of paper (there are 4 to a sheet), chop and POOF – the product of many hours of my blood, sweat and tears is there for you to enjoy.  They look really snazzy when printed on glossy paper.  It sure beats the old colored construction paper and clipart routine.




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