You Might Be A Christian Graphic Designer If…

June 24, 2011 — 3 Comments

1.  You’ve ever been asked to take the “t” in any given word and switch it out for a cross.

2.  Some of your ugliest designs receive the most compliments.

3.  You’ve ever tried to replicate something that came from Lakewood.

4.  You’ve been asked to make a mundane flyer “pop”.

5.  You’ve been told to include words like “fun” and “fellowship” when listing activities involved in an upcoming event.

6.  You’ve made about 3,000 logos for the same ministry.

7.  You have lots of stock photography of people kneeling and/or raising hands.  In fields, on mountains, on beaches, at sunset/sunrise, etc.

8.  You’ve edited out so much Christian cheese that you could open your own Velveeta factory with the leftovers.

9.  The “night before” is not last minute.

10.  You can change a marquee really fast.

11.  You know how to use Microsoft Publisher.

12.  You could work part time as a printer repair man/woman.

13.  People who admit to having no idea about design feel free to give you their advice…frequently.

14.  You know what “alliteration” means.

15.  You’re a little foggy on design copyright laws.

16.  You have a degree, but it’s probably not in graphic design.

Harry Fleming

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3 responses to You Might Be A Christian Graphic Designer If…

  1. thats great!! You forgot one thing though, If you can use 5000 memo sticky papers and create the illusion of a masterpiece.

  2. 17. You have put people on Comic Sans restriction

    18. You mafia print prices down shamefully low because you are being a “good steward”

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